Mid-Continent presents....

Wisconsin's Badger 2

Learn about Mid-Continent's ambitious restoration project to return an original Pullman car from 1912 to its as-built Fish Car configuration through our series of archived restoration updates.

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Badger #2 Donors

Our sincerest thanks to all the individuals and foundations whose generous donations helped Mid-Continent match the $475,000 Jeffris Family Foundation Challenge Grant.

Sponsoring the Car Body: William Reinicker

Sponsoring the Observation Room: Fern Bloohm in memory of L. O. "Ozzie" Bloohm

Sponsoring the Fish Tank Room: Charles Gelatt

Sponsoring the Salon: Jeffrey B. Bloohm

Sponsoring the Kitchen: The 1772 Foundation

Sponsoring the Vestibules: Georgina & Thomas Russo, Julia & David Uihlein

Sponsoring the Trucks: The Hunt Memorial Trust

Sponsoring the Berths: Richard Levis, Kalmbach Publishing Company

Sponsoring the Fish Tanks: Janet Anderson, Janet Anderson in memory of August & Anna Anderson, Howard & Asta Blanchar, Gandy Dancer Festival, William Parker, Myra Reilly, Roman Vetter, The Wagner Foundation, The WISE Division of the NMRA.

Badger #2 Partners
Special thanks to all those who have and continue to contribute to the success of the Badger #2 Fish Car restoration.

Avalon Rail, Inc.
Fulkerstone Fine Arts, LLC
The Jeffris Family Foundation
McCutcheon Crane Lifts
Midwest Heavy Haul
Oakbrook Esser Studios
Tom Nedobeck
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Kailuna Enterprises
Lucid Glass Works

Restoration Updates and Photos

12/16/09 Arrival and unloading at Mid-Continent
12/15/09 Loading at Avalon Rail
12/14/09 FINAL Restoration update
11/30/09 Restoration update
11/25/09 Restoration update

11/13/09 Restoration update
10/23/09 Restoration update
10/14/09 Restoration update
10/1/09 Restoration update
9/10/09 Restoration up
9/3/09 Restoration update
8/19/09 Restoration update

7/31/09 Restoration update

7/24/09 Restoration update
7/10/09 Restoration update
6/12/09 Restoration Update
5/31/09 Avalon Rail Open Ho
5/29/2009 Restoration Update
5/03/2009 Restoration Update
4/24/2009 Restoration Update
4/02/2009 Restoration Update
3/20/09 Restoration Update

3/6/09 Restoration Update
2/19/09 Restoration Update
2/5/09 Restoration update
Restoration update
1/9/09 Restoration update
12/29/08 Restoration update

12/22/08 Restoration update
12/18/08 Restoration update
12/12/08 Restoration continues at Avalon Rail
12/05/08 Restoration begins at Avalon Rail
11/21/08 arrival at Avalon Rail, West Allis, WI
11/20/08 loading at Mid-Continent 11/20/08

Historic Photos of Badger #2
Badger #2 with DNR (1912-1945)
Badger #2 with W.A. Knapp (1945-1960)
Badger #2 with Mid-Continent (1960-2008)
before restoration (2006)