Copper Range #60
Restoration Update

October 2001
all photos on this page by Bill Buhrmaster except as noted

Good progress has been made on the Copper Range #60 restoration coach in 2001. Recent efforts saw volunteers working on completing several projects in the interior of the car. In September 2001, the last of the new headlining panels was installed. With the headliners complete, the electric wiring and lights were reinstalled. More recently, all of the interior oak woodwork was given a sanding prior to applying the final coat of varnish. The upholstering of the seats is also progressing well. All of the old cushions have been stripped and now there are 16 cushions remaining to be upholstered.

Volunteers who have helped to make all of this recent progress possible are: Pete Becker, Ken Breher, Dean Sauvola, Jerry Mennenga, Carol Mennenga, Don Ginter, Paul Swanson, Matt Theroux, Darryl Gasser, Judy Gasser, Sandra Hamlet, Jim Neubauer, Randy Merzdorf, Jeff Haertlein, Mike Harrington, Ed Johnson, Ray Buhrmaster, and Bill Buhrmaster.

Over the 2001-2002 winter months, efforts will turn toward reinstalling window sashes and clerestory windows. By Summer 2002, reinstallation of the seat frames and hardware will begin. The ultimate project goal is to complete restoration by the Fall of 2002. A significant portion of the work planned for 2002 is being funded through a donation from the Mathews Foundation, of St. Louis, Missouri. On July 12, 2001, the Mathews Foundation awarded the Mid-Continent Railway Museum a $10,000 contribution to support the restoration of the Copper Range coach.



New shade material has been manufactured by reproducing the original shade material's pattern. A sample of the original was scanned on a computer and traced to produce new artwork for silkscreening onto the new canvas material. The result is a new shade that very closely replicates the original. The original material is seen at left; the new canvas shade is at right. Click on the photos for a larger image.