Mid-Continent accepts donations of railroad related items that pertain to BOTH of the following criteria:
  • Associated with at least one state in the Upper Midwest. Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin
  • Associated with the Golden Age of Railroading (1880-1916)

Mid-Continent only accepts UNRESTRICTED, UNCONDITIONAL donations of artifacts. This means that:

  • The donor permanently relinquishes physical and legal custody of the object(s) to Mid-Continent.
  • The donor permanently relinquishes control of the use and disposition of the object(s) to Mid-Continent.
  • The donor permanently relinquishes the right to further financial gain resulting from the reproduction or sale of the object(s) by Mid-Continent.
  • The donor may not make stipulations regarding if, when, how or where the object(s) are exhibited or loaned.

Mid-Continent is a non-profit educational organization and therefore your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Upon acceptance of your donation, you will receive a receipt you may use for tax purposes.

As the recipient of your donation, it is unethical for Mid-Continent to provide appraisal values for your items. If you intend to donate an object, please establish a value for your item prior to donation.

It is highly recommended that you contact Mid-Continent’s Collection Manager prior to making a donation if you have any questions. The Collections Manager will help you decide if your donation is appropriate for Mid-Continent and if not, will help you find a good home for your objects.

If your intended donation meets all of the criteria listed above, we welcome your donation!

Please fill out and sign the donation form and include it with your donation.

Mail donations to:
Mid-Continent Railway Museum
Attn: Collections Manager
P.O. Box 358
North Freedom, WI 53951-0358

Drop off donations at:
Mid-Continent Railway Museum
E8948 Diamond Hill Road
North Freedom, WI 53951

Donation Form